Drug Rehabilitation

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Even though the United States have been fighting a war against drugs for several decades now, the number of addicts in the United States is still high and one of the reasons for this is that perhaps the biggest offending drug is produced in the United States and so tightening border checks for drugs has no effect on it being available on the street. The drug in question is methamphetamine more commonly referred to as just Meth.

This is a drug which was legally introduced in the United States in the 1950s as supposedly some kind of miracle drug which could help people to easily lose weight. It was actually effective for doing that but unknown at that time were the dangerous side effects which would later be shown to be associated with the drug. Later research showed that the drug had some very serious side effects and perhaps worst of all, it was very addictive.

On discovering this new information methamphetamine was of course banned from being used and was made an illegal drug. However, the drug did make people feel good and as it was relatively easy to produce, it became very popular on the street as an illegal drug used for recreational purposes.

The research information about meth which were later revealed showed that Meth made people feel good because it had an effect on the brain but those effects also caused the person to feel irritated, angry, paranoid and start to suffer from insomnia. Depending on how much of the drug is taken and how frequently, the length of time these effects can last may vary from just 6 hours to as many as 24 hours but it is the other side effects which are of more concern.

The other side effects can be adverse effects on the heart and blood, kidneys and liver as well as the skin. Obviously the more of the drug which is taken, the more severe the damage can be but even when taken in moderation, it has led to deaths. Fortunately there are many drug rehabilitation centers now open in the United States, many of which have shown some very successful results however the need for rehabilitation stills outnumbers the beds available in these centers. That does not however mean you will not get a place should you need one as most of the addicts that need rehabilitation, prefer not to receive it and carry on with their illegal habit.

Clearly the United States Government’s war on drugs cannot be fought at the borders alone as that would only solve part of the problem, even if it was 100% successful. The government, whilst keeping up the border checks for imported illegal drugs, must also try and fight the production of methamphetamine on the streets in the United Sates. Also of course rehabilitation centers do help but only if addicts agree to visit them and so a major effort has to be made in convincing them to visit these clinics if addiction in America is to truly improve.