5 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Teeth In Tip-top Shape

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Whitening is indeed essential but it is not the only thing that is important. Keeping our teeth’s strength is also essential. Here some of the tips that may help your teeth’s strength maintained.

1. More water, less alcohol.

Though it doesn’t follow that if you drink alcohol, you will have ruined teeth, there is still no denying that fact of the long time effects of alcohol to your teeth. Aside from the fact that it is not healthy, it will do some serious damage to your body, and not just your teeth. In the US, red wine is like water, especially when meat is the main course. It is actually fine to drink red wine because the acidity of the red wine helps teeth clean itself. When you drink more water than alcohol you will begin to realize that water does give a bigger help than drinking alcohol. Notice you have bad breath every after you drink alcohol? It is because germs are likely to build up after drinking alcohol.

2. More Vegetables.

Like what our mothers would say when we were young, eat more vegetables to keep that smile on your face. It is true that munching on vegetables helps excretes vitamins and minerals, which is directly hitting our teeth. Aside from keeping your body healthy, you are now eating vitamins for your teeth as well.

3. Eat sweets moderately, eat something sour too.

Eating too many sweets is not good; you will have diabetes in the long run. Although tooth decay is not caused by eating too many sweets, it is essential to keep track of the sugar count you take into your body. Our teeth can only take so much. Do not overdose the goodness.

4. Take away the fear.

Are you afraid to eat that ice cream or drinking that hot coffee? Throw away your fear and eat that ice cream; you soldiers need that. Fear will not only inhibit you from enjoying the goodness of the food but it will also train your teeth that what that particular food does to your body will not be good for your teeth. Do not deprive your teeth from the experience of eating something good. Remember, they are a part of your body, training them with fear will not help you.

5. Brush your teeth twice a day, and never let your children kiss you on the lips.

Brushing our teeth is essential as what dentists would say, but sometimes we just take their advice for granted. Brushing twice a day is enough to keep the germs, plaques and cavities away. In Japan, it is a tradition that children are not allowed to kiss their parents on the lips. You may kiss anywhere else, just not on the lips, as the adult mouth is more exposed to germs. If you kiss your children on the lips, the germs may transfer and will cause the child to experience tooth aches earlier than expected. Train you child to maintain hygiene and teach yourself to keep your mouth clean as well.